Male Menopause and Depression

Men are considered tough. At a young age they were taught how to wear masks. Emotions, especially feelings, which denotes weakness does not have any room in a man’s life. Men in effect tend to deny what they truly feel. Studies show that men are more susceptible to depression since negative emotions are suppressed.

Depression is an emotional disorder. An individual who is said to be depressed begins to experience prolonged sadness, time and again anxiety, inability to concentrate, unexplainable anger and low self-esteem.

The occurrence of depression varies. Some people experience it as a form of reaction to uneventful situations in their lives. Others feel depressed as a response to excessive smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and taking drugs. Depression can also be inevitable when an individual undergoes chemical and hormonal changes in the body.  

Male menopause or known as andropause to some, is a condition in which a man undergo changes – it may be physical, emotional, or to some extent spiritual. If a male individual reacts negatively towards andropause, then he is prone to experience depression.  

“Boys don’t cry,” is a cliché. It is high time that men do what is necessary to fight depression caused by male menopause phenomenon.  

Acknowledgement is a key to acceptance. Male individuals should acknowledge that they too like their female counterpart also experience menopause.

Education then leads to better understanding. After accepting the fact that you have male menopause then it is best to educate yourself with the said condition. Learn what the signs and symptoms are, then the diagnosis and treatments. It is also best if you undertake research for facts and issues concerning andropause. The Internet is a good venue to learn more about male menopause and depression. There are also online organizations which you can turn to to help you with your dilemma.

Better understanding is a bridge for you to project a positive attitude. Negative emotions block your sensibility for you to have better comprehension of what is happening in your body. Depression usually roots to suppress negative emotions. It is not asked from you to portray a happy face yet you are miserable deep inside. What is being asked from you is that you have to learn how to deal with the situation. Make no room for self-pity for it will only worsen the situation.

Do something about it. After you have taken the necessary steps then move forward to getting help. Primarily, get help from your significant others. This is the time when their unconditional support and love is needed. Explain to them what you are going through. Let them know what specific help you need, if there are.  

You can seek assistance from a physician who has expertise in andropause and depression. He can point out the changes that might happen to you and further prescribe you on what you should do.

Support groups may also be helpful. If there are support groups in your community, then it is best to join them so that you will feel that you are not alone in your battle.

No man should allow depression to rule his life. Male menopause is never a reason for you to wallow in depression. After all, look at the brighter side of things, andropause welcomes you to a new phase in your life – a phase where you can put down your mask and reveal your true self.

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Anti anxiety treatments and prognosis

To have feelings of uneasiness or nervousness is fairly ordinary for those who need to stay on top of the swift tempo of the 21st Century lifestyle. Everyone feels uneasy from now and then. Light to average seconds of stress might help specific people concentrate their attention, energy, and motivation. Yet, serious instances of stress can lead to feelings of helplessness, confusion, and misery. A lot of stress, nevertheless, isn’t standard and might interfere with one’s day-to-day tasks. Stress could cause physical and mental issues. Sometimes, some scenarios or panics may activate many different symptoms for a limited while.

Physical indications of stress might are the following:

Trembling, twitching, or shaking.
Feeling of fullness in the throat or chest.
Respiration troubles or rapid pulse.
Sweating or cold, clammy hands.
Feeling jumpy.
Muscle tension, aches, or soreness (myalgias).
Extreme tiredness.
Sleep issues, like the inability to fall asleep or remain asleep, early waking, or restlessness (not feeling rested when you wake up).

As well as its physical effects, stress additionally changes a portion of the mind that helps in communicating. This state can result in the problems in expressing originality or successful function in relationships.

Several of the observable symptoms that reveal stress’s effect on one’s mental faculties contain:

Restlessness, irritability, or feeling on edge.
Excessive stressing.
Worrying that something terrible will occur; feeling doomed.
Inability to focus; feeling like your mind goes blank.
The existence of both mental and physical indications of stress can result in a state called anxiety disorder. It could hamper an individuals power to cope with several other men and destroy day-to-day tasks. Along with this, medical studies recommend that girls are twice as more likely to possess anxiety disorders than girls. This happens because of a sort of biological, emotional, and cultural variables. Medical research workers imply that changes in the rates of female reproductive hormones and cycles may add to the heightened danger of anxiety disorders, even though the reason behind this phenomenon remains unknown. This state might occur at any given age, sex, and race. Due to its ill-effects, people with anxiety disorders are in a rush to treat this sickness and turn to anti-anxiety drugs for treatment. These drugs are made to rest and quiet people with excessive stress, nervousness, on a short term It’s also accustomed as a treatment for temporary and moderate episodes of stress along with other types of phobias and clinically declared instances of social phobias. Yet, using these kinds of medicine may bring side effects including lethargy, sleepiness, depression, sedation, dizziness, and a lot more. Other reactions could include changes in blood pressure, heart rate, bowel changes, and serious skin rash.

As a result of negative effects of specific anti-stress drugs, many patients sought alternative medicine due to their illness. Many herbs became well-known among people who need to take care of stress with less unwanted side effects. St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is an herb native to Europe and is used for several years to deal with stress, sleeplessness, as well as depression. It is supposed this herb works by slowing down the dysfunction of brain compounds called serotonin. Low rates of serotonin are related to depression. In several studies, only 20 percent of patients who took St. John’s Wort complained of unwanted side effects, lower compared to those that took antidepressants (53 percent). Yet, despite its health benefits, people who need to choose this alternative medicine should seek the acceptance of medical professionals to clarify unwanted effects and drug interactions which will take place while under drugs.

The conduct negative effects of stress might be referred to as an action of avoidance. People with anxiety disorders have a tendency to steer clear of the items that produce them stressed or nervous. It can act as a short term solution to create somebody feel much better but, in the future, this technique may heighten stress to worst degrees. Successful stress treatments may need alterations in one’s lifestyle and professional help.

5 Sure reasons why you should NOT let Depression rule you.